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2014 Proposed Water Charges
The Board of Water Commissioners will conduct a public hearing at 5 p.m. on Sept. 10, 2013,
at Saint Paul Regional Water Services, 1900 Rice Street, to receive comments on the proposed 2014 water charges.
Following public comment, the Board will either table the item until a later meeting, or vote on whether to recommend the water charges to the Saint Paul City Council. The Council will establish the water charges by resolution following a public hearing as part of the 2014 budget actions. The charges will be effective January 1, 2014.

Water charges in 2014 will include both a water service base fee, based on water meter size, 
and a water-usage fee, based on water volume rates.
The water service base fee will remain at 2013 levels.

Water Service Base Fees for 2014 (Same as 2013)

Meter Size     Fee per billing period 
 Smaller than 1"  $9/quarter
 1"  $22.50/quarter
 1 1/2" (Residential)  $45/quarter
 1 1/2" (Commercial)  $15/month
 2" $24/month
 3" $48/month
 4"  $75/month
 6"  $150/month
 8"  $240/month
 10"  $345/month

The 2014 proposed water volume rates are shown below:

 Water Volume Rates*
 Increase of $0.05 per billing unit, or 2.14% increase on average

   2013 2014  percent Increase
 Winter  $2.29  $2.34  2.18%
                          ( 2.14%  Average)
 Summer  $2.39  $2.44  2.09%
 * For the cities of Saint Paul, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Maplewood and West Saint Paul.
All other communities pay 20% more.

Impact on a typical residential water customer
Typical water consumption for a SPRWS residential customer is 22 units (16,456 gallons) per quarter. 
(88 units per year.)

The result of the combination of the water service base fee and the water usage fee (water volume) would be an increase in water charges of $4.40 per year for a total annual cost of $246.32.

Right of Way Recovery Fees for City of Saint Paul Customers

Right of Way recovery fees were introduced by the city of Saint Paul in 2012 as a means to obtain reimbursement for costs the city of Saint Paul incurs as a result of buried infrastructure owned by the water utility situated within the city Right of Way. 

These fees will remain unchanged for 2014.

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