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Summer Softball
Adult Softball 2015


Municipal Athletics offers slow pitch leagues for men, women and co-rec teams, as well as fast pitch leagues for men. League games take place during the weekday and on Sunday nights. Team registration begins in February while the season runs from April through early August.

 2015 Adult Summer Softball Schedules
Monday Nights Tuesday Nights Wednesday Nights Thursday Nights Friday Nights Sunday Nights
Monday Men's D DB's R/A Tuesday Men's D DB R/A Wednesday Men's C/D DB's R/A Thursday Men's D DB's R/A   Friday Men's D DB's R/A  Sunday Co-Rec American 
Monday Men's D  McM Tuesday Men's D/E McM Wednesday Men's D/E McM Thursday Men's D R/A Friday Men's D McM  Sunday Co-Rec National 
Monday Co-Rec C McM Tuesday Co-Rec D McM Wednesday Co-Rec D McM Thursday Men's D McM  Friday Co-Rec C/D R/A   
Monday Men's Fastpich Dunning Tuesday Women's D R/A Wednesday Co-Rec D/E Dunning  Thursday Men's Fastpitch Dunning     
    Wednesday Women's D R/A  Thursday Co-Rec C/D McM     
    Wednesday Women's Phalen  Thursday Co-Rec D St. Clair     
      Thursday Women's D R/A    


All teams must have the newly approved USSSA bat with the official logo affixed.

*USSSA marks and other graphics of the bat must be applied permanently and must be applied by the USSSA licensed manufacturer. No stickers or decals are allowed and no one may add graphics to a bat once manufactured. Use of a bat with graphics not applied by the manufacturer will be use of an altered bat and subject to suspension under the USSSA Altered Bat rules. In addition to being violation of the USSSA Altered Bat rules, any use, creation or application of a USSSA mark without written permission of USSSA is a violation of Federal Trademark law and may result in prosecution by USSSA. If you have any concern about the person selling or providing you a bat, do not accept the bat, because you will be held responsible for any bat you bring into or use ina USSSA facility.
 Bat Stamp


Illegal Bats: All legal bats must have the USSSA 1.20 BPF stamp on its tapered end. Illegal bat use will be considered a team violation.  If a bat is found to be illegal it, will be removed from play and will result in the batter being declared out. If the batter reaches base after using an illegal bat and is properly appealed by the defensive team, the batter/runner will be declared out and all runners must return to the bases occupied at time of the pitch. Once the offending team is informed that the bat used is illegal, it may not be used again.

Approved ruling for a team’s second offense:  Batter will be declared out and offending player will be suspended for three games. In addition, offending team will immediately forfeit the game. 

Approved ruling for a team’s third offense:  Batter will be declared out and the offending team will immediately forfeit the game. In addition, the player will be suspended indefinitely. Offending player and team manager must appear after the season has ended before the Municipal Athletics Conduct and Eligibility Committee for possible reinstatement. 

Dented bats, which are also illegal, will be removed from the game (no out, forfeit, or suspension). 


For more information contact:

Municipal Athletics
1500 Rice Street
Saint Paul, MN 55117

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