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Equipment Services
Responsibilities Include
Equipment Services Supervisor Glen Kadrlik
Equipment Services Supervisor
Glen Kadrlik
  • Providing expert vehicle maintenance and repair services for Saint Paul Fire and Police Departments and outside agencies
  • Performing annual inspections on all taxicabs permitted through the City of Saint Paul or Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC)
  • Operating two fueling sites
    • Order fuel
    • Maintain pumps
    • Assign / maintain gas cards
    • Calculate fuel cost from vendor and adjust price accordingly

  • Setting up new squad cars and emergency equipment. Calibrating squad car speedometers
  • Providing replacement schedule for fire equipment by assessing vehicle condition, maintenance history, and budget for the next twenty years
  • Testing fire pumps annually for Saint Paul Fire and outside departments
  • Maintaining high pressure compressors at fire stations including scheduling air quality tests every six months
  • Scheduling ladder structure tests every three years
  • Repairing fire turnout gear
  • Designing and fabricate specialty equipment for Saint Paul Fire and Police Departments and outside agencies
  • Maintaining a computerized key inventory for all emergency vehicles
  • Repairing and maintaining medical equipment
  • Design and fabricate medical bags and K-9 equipment.
  • Repairing and rebuilding vehicle seats for Saint Paul Fire, Police, and Public Works Departments and outside agencies
  • Repairing accident damage to fire trucks and engines
  • Maintaining and repairing small, fire-related equipment 
  • Providing 24-hour emergency callback for breakdowns, special alarm fires, and fuel truck for special alarms
  • Training Fire Equipment Operators in the safe and proper use of fire apparatus
  • Providing training in the use of all equipment
  • Maintaining strict maintenance budget
  • Titling and registering all new Saint Paul Fire and Police vehicles with the State of Minnesota
  • Maintaining ownership documents, renewing registration , and title conversions of police vehicles as needed
  • Billing fuel, parts, labor, and outside work performed monthly
  • Processing invoices from vendors for parts / equipment and outside work performed
  • Maintaining records as dictated by Saint Paul Fire and City retention schedules.

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