Saint Paul Minnesota The most livable city in America.
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Plate Number Description
1200C Concrete Driveway Type 1
1201C Concrete Driveway Type 2
1203C Concrete Driveway Type 4
1204C Concrete Driveway Type 5
1205C Concrete Driveway Reinforced & Non-reinforced
1206C Concrete Driveway Type 6


Plate Number Description
1300D Concrete Walk with Integral Curb
1301C Manhole Opening in Concrete Sidewalk Design A
1303C Manhole Opening in Concrete Sidewalk Design C
1304C Sign Collar Placement
1305A Pre-Fab sign Base
 1306 Sign/Meter Collar Paver Design

Road Paving

Plate Number    Description
1400                  Concrete Pavement Repair Detail

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