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What To Do With Tree Debris

1100 Hamline Ave N
Saint Paul, MN  55108

Ph: (651) 632-5129
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Fx: (651) 642-0525

7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Monday - Friday

The City is responsible for tree debris that resulted from damage to public trees.  Any debris resulting from privately owned trees is the responsibility of the resident.  The Park's Forestry Division is an excellent resource for questions from residents about how to handle private tree debris clean-up.  If you an unsure if tree debris is from public or private trees, please call the Forestry division at one of the phone numbers listed in the column to the right.

The City will clean up any debris that is determined to have been from a public tree regardless of where it landed.  If you think public tree debris has fallen in your yard please call Forestry.  Forestry staff are extensively trained on tree identification so they can help you determine if the debris came off of a City or private tree.

If debris from a private property tree is blocking the public right of way, then the Forestry crews will clear that right of way.  However, this tree debris may be left in the owner's yard.

All residents are asked to clean up private tree debris as soon as possible, as lingering debris can pose a safety concern.  Debris can be brought to a Ramsey County composting site free of charge.
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