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Juvenile Drug Testing

TestMyTeen provides parents with an effective way to fight drug use and abuse.  Some of the benefits to reducing drug usage among youth include increased self esteem, improved mental, physical and emotional health, increased high school graduation rates and improved public safety.  Home drug tests have emerged that protect privacy and empower parents and children alike.

For more information about this drug testing, please contact the Saint Paul Police Juvenile Unit at
(651) 266-5612  


You can receive a free drug test kit which screens for 10 different drugs at once. It is shipped in discrete packaging, and you only pay for shipping and handling. If you're interested, visit the website, click here and follow the directions below.

1. Go to the products page and select a single Noble Medical 10 panel drug test kit.
2. Enter the following discount code, 4L7R4.
3. Click on the update prices button the price will drop to zero.

You will be sent an e-mail confirmation, and your kit will be shipped shortly.

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