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Business, Credit and other Prohibited Practices
Business and Credit

It is against the law to discriminate in the extension of personal or commercial credit to a person, or in the requirements for obtaining credit; except it is not discriminatory to base a decision upon status with regard to public assistance.

It is against the law to refuse to do business, to contract, to award franchise, or to discriminate in the terms, conditions, or performance of the business or contract; except it is not illegal to base a decision upon status with regard to public assistance, when the alleged refusal of discrimination is because of a legitimate business purpose.

Other Probited Practices
It is against the law to retailiate against an individual for reporting discrimintation, participating in an investigation, testifying at a public hearing, or associating with persons subjected to discrimination.

It is against the law to aid, abet, advice, incite, compel, conspire with, or coerce a person to engage in any practice forbidden under the Human Rights Ordinance.

It is against the law to obstruct or prevent any person from complying with the provisions of the Ordinance, or any order issued thereunder, or to resist, prevent or interfere with the Director or any of the Director's employees or representatives in the performance of duty under the Ordinance.

If you believe that you have been discriminated with respect to any of the above practices, please contact us.  You can initiate a complaint of discrimination by filing out our online intake questionnaire, calling us at (651) 266-8966 or email us.

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