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Description of Tests
Anaerobic Power
300 Meter Run:
This is a test of anaerobic capacity, which is important for performing short bursts of effort such as in a foot pursuit.
It will be measured in running the 300 meters as quickly as possible. 

Body Composition Analysis
Electrical Impedance or Skin fold:
The purpose of the body composition analysis is to determine the officers body fat to lean muscle ratio. Good body composition facilitates efficient movement and will help reduce the chances for injury. It also helps the officer present a positive image to the public.The testing is performed using an electronic impedance computer or by the skin fold calipers.   

Cardiovascular Endurance Testing
1.5 mile run:  
This run is a measure of cardiovascular endurance or aerobic power.This is important for performing tasks involving stamina and endurance. It will also help minimize the risk of cardiovascular problems.
It will be performed utilizing an outdoor track or treadmill.  

Flexibility Assessment
Sit and Reach:
This test will measure the flexibility of the lower back and hamstrings. Flexibility in those two areas help when performing tasks involving bending,reaching and turning.
It will also help in reducing lower back problems.  

Muscular Endurance Assessment
One minute timed sit-ups:
The sit-up has long been recognized as a practical method of testing abdominal muscular endurance.This is important for performing tasks that involve the use of force.It helps maintain good posture and reduce lower back problems.The individual is instructed to perform as many bent-kneed sit-ups as possible in one minute.   

Muscular Strength Assessment
The test will measure the muscular endurance of the upper body muscles in the shoulders,chest and triceps. This is an untimed event in which the individual will conduct as many pushups as possible until muscle failure. The individual must lower their torso just below the level of their elbows for a repetition to count. 

Explosive Power
Vertical jump:
This test measures the ability to move from a standing stationary postition to rapidly reacting.
A variety of law enforcement tasks require explosive power including climbing stairs and jumping fences.
The individual is instructed to jump straight up from a standin postition.   

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