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Fire Inspections

Residential Fire Certificate of
Occupancy Program
2012 Bright Idea Recipient

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  Saint Paul Fire Safety Inspectors are responsible for inspections, safety, and habitability in over 23,000 buildings and dwellings in Saint Paul.  This includes all commercial and industrial buildings, mixed residential and commercial properties, multi-family dwellings of three units or more and all non-owner occupied single family and duplex homes.

This is not a rental licensing program, rather the process focusses on the safety and habitability of the building for its continued use.

Information and Forms
 Fire Inspections  
 375 Jackson Suite 220  
 Saint Paul, MN 55101  
 Ph. (651)266-8989  
 7:30 am - 4:30 pm  
 Monday - Friday  

Fire Inspector Contact Information

Residential Inspectors

Commercial Inspectors

Let Me Show You Something: Saint Paul Fire Inspectors give you tips to be your very own fire inspector.

Stove Top Safety (1:17)

Home Fire Sprinkler Tips (2:01)

Space Heater Safety (1:30)

Smoke Alarm Testing and Maintenance (1:15)

Careless Smoking (1:48)

Extension Cord Use (1:50)

Clear Escape Routes (1:25)

Kev Tawn Yooj Yim (Clear Escape Routes) (1.34)

Fire Extinguishers (1:48)

Fire Extinguishers (en Espanol) (2:30)

Fireworks Safety (1:27)

Recreation Fire Safety (1:19)

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