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Off-Leash Dog Area: Park Features
Arlington/Arkwright offers parking for visitors with a lot located on the northwest corner of Arlington/Arkwright.

The park, which is completely enclosed, offers five entrance areas. The main and secondary entrances are at the northern most end of the OLDA adjacent to the west and east sides of the tennis court. These entrances are closest to the parking lot. There are two entrances along Arkwright Street - one near the northern end and the other near the southern end. The final entrance is at the southeast corner of the park located at Clark Street. Each entrance has a swing gate, which needs to be closed upon entering and exiting.
Wooded trails
Wooded trails line the park and are covered with wood chips to provide a stable walking surface. The wood chips prevent the build-up of mud during wet periods and create a safer trail experience. Walking is ENCOURAGED because it adds to the health benefits of the park, and minimizes congregating animals.
Open Space
A popular feature to the park is vast open space at the park's northern entrance. This has become the "commons" area of the park. Handlers can toss balls, frisbees and other toys while their pets race along the open space chasing down their toys. This area is also covered with wood chips. If your dog tends to be possessive of its own toys, do not bring them from home. Use the "community toys" that are found at the park.
Benches and tables
The "commons" area has two picnic tables, a bleacher style bench and several lawn chairs. The tables have been provided by Parks and Recreation, and the chairs and bench have been provided by OLDA visitors. This allows users to sit in the shade, or visit with other park users. Food in the park is not allowed because it can trigger aggressive behaviors between dogs.

Running water is not available at the park. Users are responsible to supply water for their animals. ROMP encourages visitors to bring milk jugs full of water each time they visit to share with others.
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