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Bed & Breakfast Facility




Bed and Breakfast Residence:  A dwelling unit, located within a one or two family dwelling, in which four or fewer guest rooms are rented on a nightly basis for a periods of less than one week and where at least one meal is offered in connection with the provision of sleeping accommodation only.

Guest Room:  A room or a group of rooms forming a single habitable unit and which is used or intended to be used for sleeping and living, but not for cooking or eating purposes and which is let individually as a unit.

Where Permitted:

Bed and breakfast residences are permitted uses in the T1, T2, T3, T4, B1, B2, and B3 zoning districts.

Bed and breakfast residences are permitted uses in residential and BC community business (converted) districts    provided the following conditions are met.


In residential districts, a conditional use permit is required for bed and breakfast residences with two (2) or more guest rooms, and for any bed and breakfast located in a two-family dwelling.  In RL-R4 residential districts, a bed and breakfast residence may contain no more than one (1) guest room.

The bed and breakfast residence may be established in a one-family detached dwelling or a two-family dwelling, located within a single main building.

The guest rooms shall be contained within the principal structure.

There shall be no more than one (1) person employed by the bed and breakfast residence who is not a resident of the dwelling.

Dining and other facilities shall not be open to the public, but shall be used exclusively by the residents and registered guests.

No additional exterior entrances shall be added to the structure solely for the purpose of serving guest rooms.

The zoning lot shall meet the minimum lot size for the one-family dwelling or two-family dwelling in the district in which it is located, and shall have a minimum size according to the following combination of dwelling units and guest rooms:

One-Family Dwelling

Two-Family Dwelling


Guest Rooms


Guest Rooms

Min. Lot Size
















One-family dwellings may contain no more than four (4) guest rooms.  Two-family dwellings may contain no more than three (3) guest rooms.

No bed and breakfast containing two (2) through four (4) guest rooms shall be located closer than one thousand (1,000) feet to an existing bed and breakfast residence containing two (2) through four (4) guest rooms, measured in a straight line from the zoning lot of an existing bed and breakfast.

One (1) off-street parking space per dwelling unit and one (1) space per guest room.


In residential zoning districts one identification sign is permitted, not exceeding a total of two square feet in area.  In commercial zoning districts the amount of signage is dependent on the zoning district in which located and the amount of lot frontage.  A sign permit is required for any sign over six (6) square feet in area.



You must obtain the proper licenses and plan review approvals from the Minnesota Department of Health for Bed and Breakfast operations. Go to these links for licensing and plan review information and application forms:

MDH plan review web page:  

MDH licensing fact sheet: 

MDH contact numbers and e-mail:  

Requirements for Licensing:

1.    Compliance with: Housing Code, Zoning Code, Fire Code and State laws and regulations.
2.    Owner-occupied.
3.    Escape window (as defined in State Building Code).
4.    Hard wiring smoke detector outside each sleeping area.
5.    Fire extinguisher (minimum 1A: 10BC) in kitchen.
6.    Food license and or lodging license from MDH.
7.    Guest register.


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