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Firefighter Information Page
This information was last updated on October 27, 2014.

The testing is complete for the 2014 Firefighter exam process. Candidates final score and rank information will be emailed by November 1, 2014.

As a reminder, candidates will not be eligible to participate in an interview unless the State of Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board (EMSRB) website verifies the candidate has a current State of Minnesota EMT-Basic, or higher, certification. Candidates are responsible to ensure the EMSRB website is up to date and accurate. You may contact the EMSRB for more information at 651-201-2800.


Firefighter/EMTs are expected to protect the life and property of Saint Paul communities by extinguishing fires, treating emergency medical problems, and inspecting property. New employees will be joining a team that is dedicated to providing compassionate, prompt, state of-the-art services to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

Candidates must demonstrate the ability to lift victims, equipment, and tools of up to 175 lbs, maneuver them around obstacles and under adverse conditions. Firefighter/EMTs will work in difficult work environments including conditions of high heat, low visibility, confined space, on elevated ladder or apparatus, at accident scenes, under pressure or stressful conditions, when fatigued, and under adverse weather conditions, wearing full personal protective equipment.

The ideal candidate will be a leader, able to use his or her interpersonal influence to show initiative, inspire, motivate, and mentor others; be respectful, supportive, flexible, dependable, punctual, and accountable in everyday work and interactions; possess excellent problem solving skills, strong communication skills, and demonstrate a high level of customer service. The successful candidate will demonstrate honesty, integrity, positive and consistent behavior, exercise good judgment and decision making, maintain complete response readiness at all times, and support the safety of one another in a team.

Additional skills or education that are desirable to the City of Saint Paul include fluency in a second language prevalent in Saint Paul; experience working in diverse communities; a historical, cultural, and social connection to Saint Paul and it’s neighborhoods; an Associate’s Degree, or equivalent semester credits; national registration as a Paramedic and able to be certified as a Paramedic in the State of Minnesota; Firefighter I and Firefighter II certifications from the Minnesota Fire Service Certification Board; experience as an emergency medical responder, and as a full-time, volunteer, or military Firefighter.

Summary Information from the Written Exam:

896 people took the written exam.
705 people passed the exam.
The average score on this exam was 85.

Score on Written      Number of Candidates
       100                                70
        95                               140
        90                               160
        85                               188
        80                               147


Residency documentation must have been submitted to the Office of Human Resources by September 2, 2014. No late submissions will be accepted.

Please review the Job Announcement for the Firefighter/EMT job requirements and testing process.

The City recently held a hiring process information session - Watch the video:

Residency Points:
The City Council approved a change in residency points which will affect the upcoming Firefighter exam process. Candidates who have been a resident of the City of Saint Paul for at least one (1) year immediately prior to the application deadline shall receive 10 points added to their final passing score. More information will be available at the written exam.

2014 Firefighter Salary and Benefits:

The 3-month academy, trainee salary is $1,504 / bi-weekly.

Approx. Annual Salary:
Starting - $48,907
3-year - $58,894

Lifelong Career Development Opportunities
Promotional Opportunities
Medical and Hospitalization Insurance
Basic Life Insurance
Paid Holidays
Excellent Sick Leave and Vacation Policy
Great Pension Plan

More Information

Follow us on Facebook @SaintPaulFireDepartment and Twitter @StPaulFireDept!

The Fire Department website will provide you with additional information about the Saint Paul Fire Department.

Please review the Firefighter Job Description for more information about the position of Firefighter with the City of Saint Paul.

The City of Saint Paul is an Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer. Therefore, we encourage applications from all individuals including persons with disabilities, persons of color, LGBT, and women. 

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