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Heritage Preservation Commission
The Heritage Preservation Commission (HPC) serves as an advisory body to the Mayor and the City Council on municipal heritage preservation matters. It was created by city ordinance in 1976 to protect and promote the heritage of the City of Saint Paul. The Commission consists of thirteen voting members who are residents of Saint Paul and are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. One of the members is a representative of the Ramsey County Historical Society and at present three of the members are professionally registered architects. 

The City of Saint Paul is a Certified Local Government (CLG) in the national Historic Preservation Program. The City is certified as having a heritage preservation commission and program that meets federal and state standards. Saint Paul's status as a CLG confirms its commitment to support a qualified heritage preservation commission, maintain a system for the survey and inventory of historic properties, enforce appropriate state and local legislation for the designation and protection of historic properties, and provide for public participation in its preservation program.

Barbara Bezat
Richard Dana (Chair)
Robert Ferguson
Matt Hill (Vice Chair)
Renee Hutter Barnes (Secretary)
Michael Justin
William Lightner
Matt Mazanec
Amy Meller
David Riehle
Steve Trimble
Diane Trout-Oertel
David Wagner

HPC Member Contact Information

The HPC generally meets at 5 p.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month in the City Hall basement. The HPC is staffed by Amy Spong and Christine Boulware.  

2015 HPC Calendar

2016 HPC Calendar

 Minutes  Packet
January 8, 2015 1/8/15  1/8/15
January 22, 2015 1/22/15  1/22/15 Item IV.B.
172 Sixth Street East
Item IV.C.
195 Fifth Street
Item V.A.
Staff Report
Como Ave-Wynne Ave-Nagasaki Rd packet 
February 12, 2015 2/12/15   2/12/15 Item V. A.
172 Fourth Street East, TPT
February 26, 2015 2/26/15  2/26/15 Item IV. A. 746 Portland
Item IV. B. 1440 Summit Avenue
Item IV. C. 480 Grand Hill
Item IV. D. 1082 Summit Avenue
Item IV. E. 532 Ashland Avenue
March 12, 2015 3/12/15  3/12/15 Item IV. B. 535 Dayton Avenue
Item V. B. 668-670 Conway Street
March 26, 2015 3/26/15   3/26/15 Item IV.A. 1440 Summit
Item IV. B. Third Street Reconstruction
Item IV. C. 172 Fourth Street E (TPT)
Item V. A. A Line Bus Rapid Transit Project
April 9, 2015 4/9/15  4/9/15    
April 23, 2015  4/23/15   4/23/15 Item IV. A. 344 Summit
 staff report 344 Summit
Item IV. B. 543 James
Item IV. C. 485 Dayton
Item IV. D. 955 Summit
May 14, 2015  5/14/15  5/14/15 Item V.A. C&E Flats Housing Proposal   
May 28, 2015 5/28/15  5/28/15 Item IV.A. 525 Ashland Avenue
Item V.A. Washington Street Renaming
June 11, 2015  6/11/15    Item IV. A. 80 W 4th Street  
June 25, 2015  6/25/15   Item V.A. 711 Dayton Avenue packet
Item V. B. 1373 Summit
Item V. D 2390-2400 University Ave W -
Staff Report
Application Materials
Minutes and Brief
Station Area Plan
Map and Previous Drawings
July 9, 2015  7/9/15       
July 23, 2015  7/23/15       
August 13, 2015 8/13/15    Item V.A.Intro & Part 1&2 Stone HPC Review Draft  
 Part 3 Stone-HPC review draft 
 Part 4 & Glossary Limestone-HPC draft 
 Stone nomination-HPC reviewStaff Report 
 Attachment 3 owners testimony 
 Attachment 3 Neighbor & other testimony 
 Attachment 2 PlanningCommission Resolution-Stone
 Item VI.A.  445 Smith Ave HUV application packet
 445 Smith HUV Staff Report 
 445 Smith HUV site plan & plans 
August 27, 2015 8/27/15   Item IV.A. 500 Cedar Street
Item IV.B. 190 Fifth St E
Item IV.C. Saint Albans Street
Item IV.D. 445 Smith Ave N
September 10, 2015  9/10/15   Item IV.A. Macalester-Groveland Community Plan
Item V. A. 928 West Seventh Street
                 Staff Report
Item VI.A 2455 University Avenue
Item VI.B 302 Summit Avenue
Item VI.C 141 4th Street E
October 8, 2015
  Item IV.A.ComoCommunityPlan 
Item V.A.208-210 Bates Avenue 
Item V.B. 216-218 Bates Avenue
Item VI.A.Staff Report 445 Smith Avenue
 445 Smith Avenue North 
 445 Smith Attachment 3 
Item VI.B 716 Wilson Street
Item VI.C. 275 Bates Avenue
Item VI.D. 700 Fourth St E.
Item VI.E. 767 Fourth St E.
Item VI.F. 737 Plum Street
October 22, 2015
  Item IV.B. Como Community Plan
Item V. A. Koch-Mobil Redevelopment Plan
Item VI.A. 535 Dayton Avenue
Item VI. B. 1812 Summit Avenue
November 5, 2015
11/5/15   Item IV.B. 928 West 7th Street
November 19, 2015
11/19/15   Item V.A. 1705 Summit Avenue
Item VI. A. 689 Conway Street
Item VI. B. 805 Hudson Road
December 3, 2015
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 2013 meeting information        
 2012 meeting information        
 2011 meeting information        


Heritage Preservation Commission Permit Statistics

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