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Reporting a Barking Dog Problem
Who to Call

If you have a barking dog problem in your neighborhood you can call the Animal Control Center during normal business hours at (651) 266-1100, or the Saint Paul Police non-emergency number at (651) 291-1111 if the center is closed. If you are not comfortable calling, you may want to use our online Complaint form to file a grievance.

Do not dial 9-1-1 for a barking dog complaint.

What to Report

The staff you speak with will ask you the following:
  • Your name, address, and phone number
  • The address where the dog lives

What to Expect from Animal Control

Step 1
- Upon first complaint of a violation, Animal Control must issue a written advisement to the dog owner, or someone at the residence where the violation is occurring.

Step 2 - When second and subsequent complaints are filed, and a written advisement is on file at the Animal Control Center, two witnesses will be needed for further enforcement action.

The witnesses must be from separate households within the neighborhood and willing to testify in court.

An Animal Control Officer can be the second witness if they observe the violation while on the scene, and in no way initiate the barking.

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