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Snowboarding Lessons
como feb 14,20040317_r1.jpgLevel A (Never Boarded Before)
Students learn about snowboard equipment, how to strap in the board, how to
get around on flat ground and on the hill, how to fall, skidded turns on flat
terrain, and hops and turns on flat terrain. Most students will graduate to
the next level within the same year.

*Recommend students be at least 8 years old by January 1st

Level B (Advanced Beginner)
On gentle terrain, students learn straight runs, turns to a stop, balance while riding, hops, and skidded turns. The fundamental skill focus is balance.

Level C (Intermediate)
Students learn skidded turns in both directions, ride the rope tow, do flat-spin
180s, ollies, and start to use the board edges to round out the turns. The fundamental skill focus is using the board edges to perfect the turns.

Level D (Advanced)
Students learn dynamic skidded turns, carved turns, air 180s, air 360s,
riding on rails, and riding in terrain park areas. The fundamental skill focus is balance and edges.

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