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Blooming Saint Paul


Blooming Saint Paul is a City of Saint Paul interdepartmental program to beautify the City’s urban environment through lush and colorful landscape elements in order to create a more attractive, safe and healthy city where people choose to live, work and play.

Originated in 2002 in partnership with the Saint Paul Garden Club, Blooming Saint Paul’s first project worked with the Department of Parks and Recreation to plant Kellogg Boulevard’s medians between Robert and Wabasha Streets.  These medians host a variety of roses and perennials as well as eleven urns and seasonal displays. In 2005, a hanging basket program begun in 1999 by Capitol City Partnership and the Rice Park Association, was folded into Blooming Saint Paul. 

In the intervening years, Blooming Saint Paul’s involvement in beautification has reached to over one hundred twenty sites, more than five hundred hanging baskets, one hundred and fifty planters and more than five acres of garden beds. In many areas the effect of Blooming Saint Paul spills over into neighborhoods with citizens and businesses beautifying their own grounds, thus multiplying the effect.

Want to beautify your neighborhood?
If you are interested in beautifying your neighborhood with a new Blooming Saint Paul project, like the following, contact Mark Granlund, Arts and Gardens Coordinator at 651-632-2454 or .
    • installation of new gardens on City park property or parkways
    • major redesign and landscaping of streetscapes and public spaces        
    • replanting existing gardens or planters
    • installation of hanging baskets
    • development of community gardens
    • incorporation of planting beds within traffic medians                
    • traffic calming initiatives


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