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Employee and Retiree Benefits

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1. Who is the City's Insurance Carrier?
2. How do I file for Unemployment Benefits?
3. Does the City pay me for benefits?
4. Can I cancel my family coverage and drop to single/change from single to family?
5. My part-time hours increased to 64 hours per pay period. When can I get full-time benefits?
6. How do I change my beneficiary for life insurance?
7. I can't find my medical I.D. card. Can you provide a new one?
8. Why are two deductions listed on my pay stub for insurance; one is "pre-tax insurance" and the other is "insurance?"
9. I want to retire next month. How can I continue all my insurances?
10. How can I increase/decrease my deferred compensation?
11. I received a bill in the mail for my insurance. Why wasn't the insurance deducted from my paycheck?
12. How can I get reimbursed under my VEBA/HRA/FSA accounts?
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