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What is considered a vital document?
Vital documents are information or documents that are critical for accessing federally
funded services or benefits, or are documents that are required by law. Documents that
require a signature are considered vital.

Vital documents include, but are not limited to:
• Consent and complaint forms.
• Intake forms with the potential for important consequences.
• Written notices of eligibility criteria, rights, denial, loss, or decreases in benefits or
services, actions affecting parental custody or child support, and other hearings.
• Notices advising LEP individuals of free language assistance.
• Written tests that do not assess English language competency, but test
competency for a particular license, job, or skill for which knowing English is not
• Applications to participate in a recipient's program or activity
• Applications to receive benefits or services.
• Business cards or short descriptions of department or service.

Non-vital written materials could include:
• Third party documents, forms, or pamphlets distributed by a recipient as a public
• For a non-governmental recipient, government documents and forms.
• Large documents such as enrollment handbooks (although vital information
contained in large documents may need to be translated).
• General information about the program intended for informational purposes only.

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