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What is the Davis-Bacon Act?
Enacted in 1931, the Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) is intended to protect communities and workers from the economic disruption caused by competition arising from non-local contractors coming into an area and obtaining federal construction contracts by underbidding local wage levels.

The DBA requires that “each contract over $2,000 to which the United States or the District of Columbia is a party for the construction, alteration, and/or repair (including painting or decorating) of public buildings or public works shall contain a clause setting forth the minimum wages to be paid to various classes of laborers and mechanics employed under the contract.”

Labor Standards

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1. What is the Davis-Bacon Act?
2. What are prevailing wages?
3. What is a wage decision?
4. Who monitors prevailing wages?
5. How can I obtain the latest DBA wage decisions?
6. What are the expectations of contractors who must comply with Davis-Bacon federal prevailing wage criteria?
7. Are apprentices subject to the Davis-Bacon wage requirements?
8. What are the possible penalties for non-compliance with Davis-Bacon wage requirements?
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