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What is Saint Paul doing to deal with this problem?
The MN State Departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources finished a comprehensive survey and assessment of the area in which the infestation was discovered (St. Anthony Park) and will develop plans for addressing the issue. The City will cooperate fully with the state departments on mitigation strategies, develop disposal systems for the trees that are required to be removed and otherwise comply fully with all recommendations.

Parks and Recreation will do everything we can to protect our tree canopy. Saint Paul has been preparing for this for some time. For over 5 years, we have been increasing the diversity of the tree species in Saint Paul and have not replaced or replanted Ash trees.

Emerald Ash Borer

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1. What is Emerald Ash Borer?
2. How might I know if a tree is infested with EAB?
3. What should I do if I think a tree is infested with EAB?
4. What is Saint Paul doing to deal with this problem?
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