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What is a Truth-in-Sale of Housing Report?
A disclosure report is an overview of the building components and fixtures. It is to inform prospective buyers of the observed condition of a dwelling at the time of the evaluation. The disclosure report is intended to provide basic information to the home buyer and the seller prior to the time of sale; not necessarily detailed information. Prospective buyers may also seek additional opinions from various experts in the inspections field prior to purchase.

Truth in Sale of Housing

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1. I'm selling my residential property. If I need an inspection, how do I schedule it?
2. Who do I contact for a Truth-in-Sale of Housing Inspection?
3. What is a Truth-in-Sale of Housing Report?
4. If the evaluators find hazards during the inspection, will I have to make repairs?
5. When should the evaluation be done?
6. How long is the Truth-in-Sale of Housing report valid?
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